RAA Place sign installation begins

22 May, 2023

Installation will today begin on the new RAA signs set to top Adelaide’s most iconic city building – RAA Place (91 King William Street).  

The new RAA signs will be unlike anything seen before on the 91 King William Street building, with the ability to change colours. 

Each of the buildings three main sides will have an RAA sign, with each sign approximately 12 metres long by four metres high and have around 6,000 multi-coloured LEDs.

The installation of the three signs will take approximately two weeks each as each letter is impressively and delicately lowered into place from the roof top of the building, with completion expected in early July.

RAA Chief Executive Officer Nick Reade said the beginning of the sign installation on RAA Place represents another milestone as the organisation continues to grow.

“We’re growing our offerings for members in exciting areas like travel, home, solar and energy and electric vehicles,” Mr Reade said.

“This has helped our membership base eclipse 800,000 South Australians and has seen our workforce continue to grow as well – which is now more than 1,200 strong.

“That growth has created the opportunity for us to expand our office footprint into the city and it’s only fitting that the trusted, iconic RAA brand is in the heart of the city.

RAA CEO Nick Reade

“The new RAA signs will be dynamic – able to change colour to promote and raise awareness for important causes.

“They’re also being built with the latest and most efficient electrical technology, to limit power consumption while the sign lights up Adelaide’s skyline.

“Over the coming weeks people in and around the CBD will be able to see the iconic RAA brand coming to life on the city’s most iconic building.

“We’re proud to partner with a local SA business who building and installing the sign – which will be unique and unlike anything else in our city’s skyline.”

RAA has commissioned Ecept, an award winning and proud South Australian business that has been in operation for 12 years, to build and install the signs.