RAA pledges more electric vehicles to our fleet

29 September, 2022

Today RAA joined the Honourable Tom Koutsantonis, Minister for Energy and Mining to announce our Electric Vehicle Fleet Pledge. As a foundation partner to the State government’s initiative to accelerate the transition of fleets to electric vehicles, RAA is calling for other organisations with corporate fleets to do the same.

Mark Gregory Flinders University’s Vice-President (Corporate Services), Honourable Tom Koutsantonis, Minister for Energy and Mining, Mark Borlace, RAA’s Future Mobility Specialist, Mike Abraham, Telstra’s Senior Project Specialist and SA Power Networks’s Strategy Lead DER Services, Travis Kauschke.

RAA Chief Executive Nick Reade acknowledges the important role RAA can play in leading the way in this transition.

“As South Australians we are incredibly proud of the leadership role our State is playing in the transition to renewable energy and we want to help take extend this leadership to the take up of electric vehicles. We are committed to growing our fleet of electric vehicles and helping the community understand the benefits and opportunities of electrified transport,’’ he said.

“Transitioning our own fleet and partnering with the Government to build and roll out the first State-wide EV charging network demonstrates the many ways RAA is laying the groundwork for an electric future,” he continued.

RAA CEO, Nick Reade with one of our fleet EVs.

Research by the RAA shows that cost is one of the leading barriers to the take up of EVs, and Mark Borlace RAA Future Mobility Specialist said the electrification of corporate fleets will play a big role in making EVs more accessible and affordable.

“Corporate organisations can help lead the way for Australia by accelerating our transition. More demand for EVs in corporate fleets will mean more models available in the market – meaning more choice – across a range of price points – for all drivers,” he said.

More about RAA’s fleet

RAA is committed to decarbonising our fleet of approximately 210 patrol and non-patrol vehicles. For our non-patrol fleet, we’re steadily transitioning to EV-alternatives, with just under half of our fleet either Hybrid or BEVs – with more on order.

The majority of our fleet are specialised patrol vans and we’re currently in discussions with our manufacturers to understand what hybrid or electric models might be appropriate when we need to commence the next changeover cycle of our fleet.

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