RAA reveals most dangerous intersections

19 September, 2022

The dubious distinction of being the worst intersection for casualty crashes in SA during the past five years is now at a site located in the southern suburbs.

The junction of Sturt and Marion roads has replaced the Britannia roundabouts as the worst in the state, latest crash data has revealed.

There were 40 crashes causing people to suffer serious or minor injuries at the junction in the southern suburb of Bedford Park, State Government data obtained by RAA Insurance shows.

RAA Senior Manager Safety and Infrastructure Charles Mountain said the majority of collisions resulting in injury at Marion and Sturt roads involved vehicles travelling north and south.

“The Marion Road approaches to the intersection account for 80 per cent of casualty crashes, with right turn crashes very prominent for both north and south bound traffic,’’ Mr Mountain said.

“Infrastructure improvements worth $3 million were last made at this intersection in 2015/16 and included road widening and a right-hand lane turn extension.’’

The second worse on the top ten ranking was the junction of Curtis and Peachy roads in the northern suburb of Munno Para, which recorded 38 casualty crashes between 2017 and 2021.

Coming in equal third were the notorious Britannia roundabouts on the eastern city fringe, recording 36 casualty crashes, along with the intersection of Stebonheath and Womma roads in the northern suburbs.

The dual roundabouts recorded a total of three casualty crashes last year – knocking the massively remodelled site from top of the previous most dangerous intersections list recorded during 2016-20.

Of the ten worst intersections for casualty crashes in this latest five-year period, seven were in the northern suburbs, two in the east and one in the south, the figures show.

The most common type of casualty crashes at these ten worst intersections were rear end collisions (38%), followed by right turn collisions (30%) and right angle (T-bone) collisions at 25%.

RAA Senior manager of Safety and Infrastructure Charles Mountain said thankfully none of the crashes at the ten worst intersections resulted in a fatality in the past five years.

“However, many serious injuries were recorded, which can have catastrophic and life-long impact on victims, their families and friends,’’ he said.

“We can see that traffic volumes and the complexity of intersections contributed to the number of casualty crashes occurring at these top ten sites.

“We are urging motorists to be vigilant whenever they are behind the wheel, and particularly when travelling through these intersections even if they do so every day.

“Traffic can stop abruptly and result in rear end collisions, so RAA is reminding drivers to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of them to avoid becoming a crash victim.’’

SA Intersections with Highest Total Casualty Crashes (2017-21)

RankIntersectionTotal casualty crashes
       1Marion Rd / Sturt Rd40
       2Curtis Rd / Peachey Rd38
       3Stebonheath Rd / Womma Rd36
       3Britannia Roundabout36
       4Main North Rd / Regency Rd32
       5Briens Rd / Grand Junction Rd / Hampstead Rd29
       6Bridge Rd / McIntyre Rd28
       7Glynburn Rd / Lower North East Rd / Montacute Rd / Payneham Rd25
       7Main North Rd / Montague Rd25
        7Grand Junction Rd / Main North Rd / Port Wakefield Rd25