RAA shares sincere condolences to the Royal Family

9 September, 2022

The passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is felt far and wide today, including by many at the Royal Automobile Association, where we’ve had the honour to bear the Royal prefix since 1928.

We wish to send our condolences to the entire Royal Family who have lost not only an honourable monarch and leader of 70 years, but a mother, grandmother and great grandmother.

28th September 1952: Queen Elizabeth watches her son Charles playing in a miniature car in the grounds of Balmoral Castle, Scotland. (Photo by Lisa Sheridan/Studio Lisa/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

We have been honoured to have been able to bear the Royal name for more than 94 years. Prior to this we were formally known as the South Australia Automobile and Motor Cycling Club.

In 1921 we applied to use the Royal prefix for reasons undocumented. However, it’s believed our role in guiding the State through various motoring ages, as well as the volunteering work of the organisation, particularly through World War I were some of the reasons.

In September 1928, almost exactly 25 years after RAA was founded, King George V granted the club permission to use the prefix, something that was widely celebrated with pride by the organisation and South Australia.

We wish to pay our respects to the tireless work of Her Majesty, who – in her reign – has seen 15 South Australian Premiers through their time, and has visited the State a number of times over the years.

We also acknowledge the incredible passion and expertise Her Majesty had for the motoring industry. Working as a truck driver and a mechanic from the age of 18, she first found her passion through her work as an auxiliary officer in the English Army. She was also particularly fond of Land Rover Defenders, something we know many South Australian road-trippers also share.

Our thoughts are with the Royal Family, and deepest sympathies to those mourning the loss of Her Majesty. Vale Queen Elizabeth II.

If you would like to pay your respects, the State Government will be releasing information later today with public advice.