RAA Travel figures show for many the way to go is solo

20 September, 2022

Winging it on your own is becoming an increasingly popular way to travel, according to RAA Travel bookings data.

RAA Travel and Distribution General Manager Gina Norman said solo travel is fast becoming commonplace as the world recovers from Covid-19.

“In fact, more than a quarter of RAA Travel inquiries are now for one passenger, and interest is only increasing,’’ Gina said.

“What the pandemic taught us was that we don’t have to wait for anyone else, and there are in fact many experiences that can be enjoyed on your own.

“Now, we’re seeing more travel experiences marketed at solo travellers and the opportunity for individuals to realise their travel dreams – with or without someone else.”

Gina says solo travellers are being enticed by impressive cruise deals, tours, hotels and destinations – with accommodation and package options for singles now readily available.

“Cruise and touring are popular with single travellers as there is still a chance to enjoy and share with other like-minded people, even though you go alone,” Gina said.

“Cruising makes it very easy to travel solo, with accommodation, sightseeing and interesting destinations all taken care of in a single, easy booking.”

According to RAA Travel data, the most commonly booked solo travel experience is Australian Rail Journeys with Journey Beyond. These are popular as members get the privacy of their own suite but it’s also very social while onboard.

RAA Travel has also seen an increase in youth solo bookings with Contiki (Europe, NZ and USA), while cruise ships, which have always been a popular choice for solo travellers, have also experienced an increase in solo traveller sales across all ages.

Gina says the range of opportunities available for singles is only likely to increase in the coming years.

“They are biting back with revenge travel and they’re happy to go it alone, share with others on the journey, and enjoy exploring the world, solo,” she said.