RAA urges senior drivers to stay safe in the Years Ahead

25 February, 2022

RAA is encouraging mature motorists to take advantage of our services to ensure their safety on the roads, as latest police figures show they suffer relatively higher rates of fatal crashes.

SAPOL – with RAA’s support – launched a Senior Drivers road safety campaign to educate mature drivers on how to recognise the signs of their vulnerability and reduce their rate of road trauma.

Police figures show people aged over 70 made up 13 percent of the population – yet account for 23 per cent of lives lost and 13 per cent of serious injuries on SA roads.

RAA Senior Manager of Safety Charles Mountain said the campaign is also seeking to alert family members of senior drivers’ to signs of their vulnerability and encourage GPs to start conversations with their older patients about the issue.

SAPOL has launched a new advertising campaign educate mature drivers on how to recognise the signs of their vulnerability and reduce their rate of road trauma.

“RAA supports the campaign as it empowers senior drivers to make decisions that support their own safety,” Mr Mountain said.

“Whether driving in metropolitan or regional areas, drivers need to be confident that they are adopting the safest possible behaviours and modifying their transport plans accordingly.”

Mr Mountain said RAA all senior motorists can access our Years to Drive education campaign, which provides advice and skills they need to keep on the road longer and safely.

“RAA believes all motorists should continues to drive as long as it’s safe to do so, and our Years Ahead program can help them achieve that.’’

The program includes driving and safety tips, road rule refresher quizzes, how to choose a safe vehicle, how to assess your driving ability, the impact of medications on your driving and how to plan for mobility once you are no longer driving.

Years Ahead information sessions are regularly hosted by community groups across the state.

At today’s campaign launch, Assistant Commissioner Ian Parrott, Officer in Charge State Operations Service said although older drivers tend to be more cautious, exhibit less undesirable driving behavior and are involved in fewer crashes, the collisions they are involved in often have more serious consequences.

We want to empower older drivers and their families to talk about reducing the risks of driving if it’s becoming more stressful, more scary and therefore, less safe,’’ AC Parrott said.

“We have developed this campaign with the utmost respect for older South Australians and with the understanding that independence is an important part of an older person’s lifestyle.”

For more information about RAA’s Years Ahead program call 08 8202 4221 or visit For older drivers (

Below are the two Tv adverts released as part of the campaign.

SAPOL’s new senior driver campaign will target the over-representation of older drivers in serious injuries and lost lives on South Australian roads.