RAA CEO Nick Reade opens CEDA’s Infrastructure Address

9 August, 2023

Delivering the opening address at the Committee for Economic Development Australia (CEDA) Infrastructure today in Adelaide, CEO Nick Reade highlighted the need for infrastructure investment to keep pace with South Australia’s growing population.  

The state’s population is expected to exceed 2 million people in the near future, placing pressure on the state’s road and energy networks and bringing with it budgetary challenges.  

RAA’s CEO Nick Reade said that as the state continues to grow, it is important to be part of the conversation and solutions to these challenges.  

“We absolutely support population and economic growth – we want a bigger South Australia. But it has to be better too – more sustainable and more liveable,” Mr Reade said.  

“Growth puts pressure on our road network – which according to the Auditor General’s report is already facing a maintenance backlog of around $2billion.  

“There is limited budget to fund the backlog, make our roads more resilient to climate change and invest in major projects – doubly so in a tight labour market.”  

In addition to transport infrastructure, South Australia’s energy and social infrastructure was highlighted at the CEDA Infrastructure Address.  

“We are fast transitioning towards a dynamic two-way energy system where a significant amount of South Australia’s energy needs is generated behind the meter,” Mr Reade said.  

“RAA is proud to be playing a role in this by installing rooftop panels on homes and commercial businesses in South Australia.  

“The transition to electric vehicles, the convergence of our homes and cars, and the role of hydrogen makes for an exciting future.  

“At RAA, we’re playing a key role in decarbonising personal transport with the rollout of South Australia’s first border to border electric vehicle charging network.  

“We acknowledge consecutive State Governments for making SA a world leader in renewable energy and investing in the critical charging infrastructure backbone to drive the take up of EVs.  

“We’re nearly halfway through the rollout of the 140-site network – in collaboration with the Government and SAPN as major network infrastructure upgrades are required in some areas. Full completion of the RAA Charge network is on-track for next year.  

“We will continue to have a strong voice and invest where we believe we can make a difference.”  

Read more of RAA’s initiatives online.