Red light runners putting all road users at risk, RAA warns

11 April, 2022

RAA is warning drivers who run red lights that they are risking potentially catastrophic consequences for their impatience.

The warning comes as latest police figures show the number of motorists caught on fixed safety cameras running red lights surged by 38 per cent to 39,615 last year – or 10,834 more than 2020.

Red light running motorists also copped almost $24 million in fines last year, an increase of more than $7.5 million on the total amount issued in 2020.

However, RAA Senior Manager Safety and Infrastructure Charles Mountain warned red light runners risked much more than a hit to their wallet.

 “Red light running, like speeding, could have catastrophic consequences,’’ he said.

“If you run a red light — even when doing the speed limit — you are putting your life and others at risk.

“Some motorists may misjudge stopping distances and inadvertently run a red light – in other cases this behaviour can be quiet a deliberate and reckless act.

“You often see drivers speed up at an intersection when they see the traffic light turn amber.’’

Mr Mountain reminded drivers they are required to stop at an amber light if it is safe to do so.

While red light running fines soared last year, the number of motorists caught speeding on fixed cameras was down, from 55,284 in 2020 to 49,276 in 2021 – or 11 per cent.

Mr Mountain believes increasing traffic volumes have contributed to the number of offences caught on fixed cameras.

 “The lifting of Covid-19 restrictions has seen a return of traffic to our roads, slowing commuters’ journeys and making them more impatient.

“As a driver your responsibility is to arrive safely at your destination, so there is no excuse for running a red light,’’ he said.