Regional speed caution as holidays begin

11 July, 2022

As the winter school holidays begin, we’re warning drivers to be wary of speeding on regional roads.

The warning comes as 64 per cent of the state’s 213,304 speeding offences in the past five years were in regional areas, according to SAPOL figures.

Of the offences identified, 46,226 resulted in a caution and 90,651 in fines.

RAA Senior Manager Safety and Infrastructure Charles Mountain said despite the recent easing of COVID-19 travel restrictions, many South Australians were still holidaying in their home state during the school holidays.

“Roads in regional SA – especially those areas popular with holidaymakers – will be busier than normal from this weekend so we urge drivers to remain vigilant and exercise caution,’’ he said.

“If you’re planning on getting away, make sure you drive to the conditions, plan regular rest breaks and put your safety and that of other road users at the top of your driving agenda.’’

Alarmingly, 1357 offences in the past five years were for vehicles caught travelling 45km/h or more above the speed limit.

“Speeding – especially on roads with limits of 90km/h to 110km/h – can put not only you and your loved ones, but also other roads users at increased risk of death or serious injury,’’ he said.

“Motorists must also be aware of speed limit changes as they near towns or approach road works and adjust their speed accordingly.’’

Number of motorists caught by officers speeding in regional SA – 2017-21

SAPOL Local Service Area                          Offences                               $

Murray Mallee                                             30,439                         9,708,494

Yorke Mid North                                          25,119                           7,827,241

Hills Fleurieu                                               19,676                          4,925,865

Far North                                                      18,675                          6,667,718

Barossa                                                         16,853                          6,686,043

Eyre Western                                               13,900                          3,211,855

Limestone Coast                                         12,822                           3,196,591