Rising petrol prices drive EV interest

7 September, 2022

RAA says soaring fuel costs are driving increased interest in electric vehicles (EVs).

Figures released this week by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries show the sale of EVs in August hit a record.

EVs accounted for 4.4% of new vehicles sold, representing the highest market share for pure battery electric vehicles ever recorded in a single month in Australia.

RAA future mobility expert Mark Borlace said it was inevitable motorists would look to EVs as an alternative as petrol prices remain at high levels.

“There will be further interested sparked in EVs when the Federal Government’s fuel excise cut ends later this month,’’ he said.  

“The reality is the attraction of electric vehicles certainly increases as fuel costs rise.’’

Mr Borlace said EVs powered in South Australia were particularly beneficial to the environment.

“Electric vehicles produce around 50 per cent less pollution than petrol vehicles in South Australia,’’ he said.

“This technology is especially effective in South Australia, as we produce the greenest electricity on mainland Australia through the extensive generation of solar and wind power.’’

Mr Borlace said RAA was working to improve the number of EV charging points across the state.

RAA has won a State Government grant worth more than $12 million to create a state-wide network of EV charging points along highways, regional cities, tourist destinations and Adelaide suburbs.

Over the next two years we’ll be installing 536 EV charging points at 140 new locations to create the state’s first EV charging network. More than three-quarters of the new charge points will be in regional SA.