SA, are you weather prepared?

30 May, 2022

With wild weather hitting many parts of South Australia overnight and today, it’s a timely reminder for us all to ensure our properties are prepared for winter storms.

The Advertiser is reporting the State Emergency Service was called to more than 200 jobs for weather damage to homes caused by things like flooding, fallen trees and powerlines.

It’s prompted us to remind South Aussies to ensure their homes and cars are as prepared as possible as we head into winter.

Preparing your home for a storm

Our samotor team recently published this article about preparing your house for an extreme weather event. The main things to remember are:

  1. Keep your gutters clear
  2. Trim overhanging tree branches
  3. Secure loose items
  4. Check the condition of your roof.

For further detail and advice, check out the full article here.

Preparing your car for a storm

Our samotor team also have you covered when it comes to your car. Among the great advice in this article is:

  1. Park undercover if possible
  2. Avoid parking near power lines or water sources
  3. Use a car cover or tarp if you have one

Read more on samotor here.