Servos assessed as part of real-time fuel price crackdown

6 December, 2022

South Australian service stations will be subject to a State Government crackdown to ensure they’re complying with their real time fuel pricing obligations.

The two-day blitz will target servos in suburban Adelaide and the state’s mid-North this week, and aims to ensure drivers have access to accurate and up-to-date pricing information via apps like myRAA.

RAA fuel expert Mark Borlace said real-time fuel pricing schemes saved drivers money at the pump, but relied on outlets complying with their reporting requirements.

“Providing motorists with fuel prices at all outlets in real-time has allowed them to shop around for the best prices and save money at the bowser.”

Andrea Michaels MP and RAA fuel expert Mark Borlace

“But it can be misleading and costly for drivers if retailers aren’t reporting their prices in an accurate and timely manner.”

The crackdown will mainly focus on outlets that have been the subject of complaints to Consumer and Business Affairs, which has received more than 1100 complaints since the scheme began in March last year.

Minister for Consumer and Business Affairs Andrea Michaels MP said, “Given ongoing cost of living pressures, we take compliance with this scheme extremely seriously, which is why staff from CBS will be targeting those venues that have had numerous complaints made against them.”

As part of the crackdown, this week officers will be checking:

  • service stations are recording any price change within a half an hour; 
  • the normal price for all types of fuel is available; and
  • in instances where a specific type of fuel is unavailable, that information is clearly communicated to consumers.

An RAA survey recently found drivers who used pricing apps saved an average of $28.50 per month.

To check real-time fuel prices on the myRAA app click here.