Sky high airfares may begin their descent

2 June, 2023

Australian travellers may soon be in for some welcome flight price relief, as airlines look to increase their capacity and help lift supply levels closer to demand.

Price data shows economy international fares remain around 50 per cent more expensive than they were before COVID-19 restrictions hit, meaning many holiday budgets have blown out in 2023.

But RAA Travel General Manager Gina Norman says the travel industry is optimistic of airfare prices falling by early 2024.

“Like most other things in our lives, airfares have gone up and are more expensive than they were pre-COVID,” Gina said.

“But it is all dependent on airline capacity. We know airlines are working incredibly hard to increase capacity and as soon as they reach pre-COVID levels and beyond, we should start to see prices come down.

“There’s good optimism in the industry that this will be around March 2024.”

Strike now with a good deal

Gina added that there were still opportunities to book a great value holiday now, especially around the end of financial year period.

“Don’t despair, coming into the end of financial year there are some great airfare specials to look at,” Gina said.

“With the announcement of the new REX service to Sydney, there’s $99 fares from Adelaide to Sydney on offer for travel in July.

“If you’re going overseas, there’s a brilliant EOFY deal with Malaysia Airlines offering around $1500 for return flights to London, which is about the best we’ve seen this year.

“Another opportunity for direct flights from Adelaide is with Fiji Airways – they’ve got great fares to the USA which is hugely popular at the moment, with airfares start at less than $1300 return.”

“There’s also brilliant specials in touring and cruising – every

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