South Australians get creative as new travel trends emerge

15 September, 2023

RAA Travel data is showing the emergence of new travel trends, as bookings for domestic travel has doubled with new destinations such as Perth, Broome and Darwin gaining popularity amongst South Australians.

The concept of ‘Bleisure travel’ – combining business and pleasure – has gained prominence with 89% of business travellers now incorporating personal time to their trips as ‘work from anywhere’ policies encourage longer journeys.  

RAA Travel General Manager Gina Norman said sustainable travel is also on the rise, especially among younger travellers, with nearly 70% seeking eco-friendly options.

“Many travellers are opting for destinations that are not traditional tourist hubs,” Ms Norman said.

“People are selecting locations where they can escape the crowds while immersing themselves in enriching cultural experiences or delving in learning traditional languages.

“Health retreats are becoming increasingly popular was well with two thirds of people in 2023 travelling for health and wellness reasons.

“Another emerging trend that has come to our attention is personalised genomics, where travellers choose destinations based on their ancestral heritage and explore their roots.”

RAA Travel advises travellers to plan well in advance, recommending that airfares be booked more than ten months ahead and certain cruises up to two years in advance.

“Taking the time to book ahead allows you to access competitive rates, secure your preferred cabin or seat selections on flights and affords you ample time to plan and enhance your holiday experience,” Ms Norman said.

For personalised travel assistance, contact your local RAA Travel expert or book online at RAA Travel.