Sparking the interest of the next generation of drivers

15 December, 2022

RAA’s School Education team headed to the Adelaide Hills to prepare Heathfield High students for their driving future—and spark their interest in the EV tech of the future.

RAA’s Future Motoring Specialist Simon Halford was on hand to take students through electric vehicle technology. Students were taken through a simulation exercise to bring to life the impressive power that can be generated from EVs. They also had the opportunity to get up close with an EV to check out the technology and how it differs from an ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicle. 

“The best part of my job is getting out and meeting with members of the community to share the latest in motoring technology.”

“To see the next generation of drivers learning more about the next generation of vehicle technology is really exciting – particularly given EVs will likely be the mainstay on our roads by the time these students are young adults.”

The 90 students were also equipped with information to prepare for their learner’s test, car safety and advice, a reaction time activity and showcasing vehicle technology.

RAA’s School Education team helps share knowledge of car and road safety to develop positive behaviours in early learners through our Street Smart Preschool, Primary and High programs.

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