Speedy September: New Rapid and Ultra-Rapid sites come online

5 October, 2023

The RAA Charge network is connecting metro and regional South Australia, with three new Rapid and Ultra-Rapid charging sites coming online in September.

The new charging sites include a 200kW Ultra-Rapid site at Waikerie and two 150kW Rapid charging sites at Blackwood and Woodside. 

The new Rapid and Ultra-Rapid chargers allow EV drivers to recharge their EV in just 10-45 minutes and bring the total number of charging locations online and available for public use up to 74.

The charging sites delivered in September are:

Ultra-rapid 200kW sites

  •  Waikerie Civic Centre, Waikerie

Rapid 150kW sites

  • Klose’s Foodland, Woodside
  • Blackwood Community Centre, Blackwood

The Waikerie charging site is the first of up to 10 Rapid and Ultra-rapid sites that will operate with an interim power supply of 50kW for between 3 to 9 months, due to necessary high voltage power upgrades required at the site.

RAA is committed to delivering South Australia’s first border-to-border EV charging network in 2024 and is working with SA Power Networks to prioritise these works. 

The cost to charge at sites with an interim power supply will be 49c kWh during peak and non-peak hours.

Once the necessary upgrades are complete, the charging sites will operate at the designed capacity of 150kW or 200kW.

RAA Chief Executive Officer Nick Reade said the addition of these Rapid and Ultra-Rapid charging sites is a testament to the growing reach of the network into metro and regional South Australia.

“With 50 per cent of the network already delivered including six Rapid and Ultra-Rapid sites, the roll out of the RAA Charge network is well underway.

“We want to make sure that the infrastructure is ready for when South Australians are, making range anxiety a thing of the past.

“Once the network is complete in 2024, 75% of the charging sites will be in regional SA, with 98% of the charging sites located less than 200 kms apart,” Mr. Reade said.

The RAA Charge network, which is being rolled out with the support of a $12.35 million grant provided by the South Australian government, is expected to be completed in 2024.

To locate your nearest charger, initiate charging and complete payment, download the Chargefox app.

To learn more about the network visit