Spike in home burglaries prompts RAA security warning

12 May, 2022

Homeowners are being put on alert as our latest RAA Insurance records show burglary is on the rise as Covid restrictions reduce.

In the 12 months to April this year the number of home burglary claims jumped by 24 per cent, compared to the 12 months to April 2021.

And the total value of goods stolen in the same period spiked 51 per cent, our claims data shows.

RAA Insurance Senior Manager of Claims Hayley Cain said thieves were likely seizing the opportunity to strike as Covid restrictions are lifted and people return to the office, social events and interstate and overseas travel.

She said claims could range from tools stolen from an unlocked shed to tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of jewellery and easily portable items from the home.

Ms Cain said the alarming jump in home burglaries highlighted the need for homeowners to be vigilant.

“No one wants to be robbed – especially of irreplaceable family memories such as videos and photos,’’ she said.

“That’s why we urge householders to follow SAPOL home security advice.’’

This includes:

  • locking all doors and windows even when you are in the back yard
  • keeping house keys, car keys and garage remote controls in a safe location, as robbers may use them to gain entry to your home or to steal your car
  • installing and activating an alarm system
  • keeping trees and bushes in front of doors and windows trimmed to avoid being used as hiding places
  • consider installing external sensor lighting and a peep hole (door viewer).

Ms Cain said householders should also make arrangements before heading off on holidays to reduce the risk of being burgled.

“Plan ahead to have mail deliveries held back or redirected, cancel newspaper deliveries, ask family, friends or neighbours to pick up junk mail and check on your place, and use lights on timers during the evening,’’ she said.

“And don’t post on social media that you’re away from home, especially if your home has been left unattended.’’

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