Stepping into the future of mobility

11 November, 2022

To mark Future Energy Week, on Thursday RAA presented at Tonsley Innovation District to share our vision and plans for the future of mobility in South Australia.

RAA CEO Nick Reade outlined our commitment to decarbonising personal transport and the home, and the role RAA can play in driving our state’s transition to a more sustainable future.

“RAA has the privilege of supporting nearly 800,000 members on the road, in their homes and while they’re on holiday,” said Mr Reade.

“We’re proud to connect with more than 2 in 3 South Australian households through at least one of our products or services. This does provide a great opportunity for engagement and education, and positions us as a unique player in the innovation ecosystem.”

RAA CEO Nick Reade speaking at Future Energy Week

RAA is leading the charge by accelerating our uptake of electric vehicles and leaning into the future of energy. In partnership with the South Australian Government, we’re building Australia’s first state-wide electric vehicle (EV) charging network, with more than 140 charging sites to be installed across the state.

“This project has the potential to be the single most transformative step in electrifying personal transport in our State.”

“These include adding a new EV/Hybrid Approved Repairer category to set the standards in equipment and skills for an industry-leading Hybrid/Electric Vehicle repairer network. We are also installing home EV chargers so people can quickly and easily get on the road further reducing the barriers for EV adoption. This is an area that will provide huge value to South Australians by making this process smooth, simple and reliable.”

RAA’s knowledge of our community also enables us to be a leader in Mobility as a Service – a digital concept that enables users to plan, book and pay for multiple types of transport on one platform. We recently launched a new app, RAA Go, which helps people to get more easily from A to B using all different transport modes. It’s the first journey planning app of its kind designed in South Australia, for South Australians.

And though RAA has a long history with traditional road transport, we believe all forms of mobility have a place on our roads.

Despite our long-standing association with traditional road transport, we strongly advocate for any form of mobility—and that of course includes active transport.

“Cycling is an affordable, healthy, and environmentally friendly way of getting around—and our members tell us improved cycling infrastructure would encourage greater participation in this form of active transport.”

“The future of mobility is an extremely exciting space for our organisation to be working in. We’re determined to leave behind the greenest of footprints.”

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