Sustainable travel is taking off as more South Australians go green

11 August, 2023

South Australians are wanting to reduce their carbon footprint in all walks of life, from electricity usage to transportation – and that’s extending to travel too.  

One in three Australians are choosing to jet set sustainably in the next year, in a bid to transform the future economic, social and environmental impacts of travel.  

A further one in five Australians are choosing to travel less or not at all if sustainable options are not available to them, indicating the growing importance of a greener future.  

RAA Travel General Manager Gina Norman said that as this demand continues to grow, more travel organisations are creating options with lower environmental impacts.  

“One of the first things to consider is transportation, with 36 per cent of Australians choosing to pay more for sustainable travel options,” Ms Norman said.  

“When booking your flight, choose the ‘offset carbon emissions’ option, and once you land, consider public transport, cycling or walking around town instead of renting a car. 

“If you need to rent a car, choose an electric, hybrid or a smaller model to reduce your emissions.  

“Something else RAA Travel recommends is slowing your travel down by staying in one place for longer. This will reduce your flying and driving between destinations. 

“When it comes to experiences, there are so many options available for those wanting to travel sustainably, including some amazing tours. 

“Intreprid Travel are B-Corp certified, offering a range of tours across many different countries, proving to be a popular choice for many Australians. 

“However, there are still plenty of companies that don’t yet see the value of sustainable travel. 

“If you’re one of the many South Aussies wanting to travel more sustainably, make sure you do your research and come visit us at RAA Travel to ensure you are booking with sustainable operators.”  

Talk to your local RAA Travel expert to book your sustainable holiday, or book online at RAA Travel.