Welcome Oodnadatta Track upgrades set to guard against flooding

9 January, 2024

RAA welcomes newly-announced works on the Oodnadatta Track, that will help improve the durability of a flood-prone section between Marla and Oodnadatta, in the state’s far north-west.

Five major floodways are set to be reconstructed along an 80-kilometre section of the unsealed road, with cement reinforcement and sealing to improve access to the track in wet weather.

RAA Senior Manager Safety and Infrastructure Charles Mountain said the upgrades to the vital freight and tourism corridor were welcomed by RAA.

“The proposed work on the Oodnadatta Track is welcome as it will improve the reliability of the track for freight, tourism and the local community,” Mr Mountain said.

“We look forward to seeing the upgrades progress, and the improved durability of the surface once complete in mid-2024.

“The Oodnadatta track is currently open to 4WDs but drivers are advised to exercise caution and detour around any ponded water if driving through the area.”

SA Minister for Regional Roads Geoff Brock said the surface level of the track would also be raised in targeted areas top help with rainfall run-off.

“The Oodnadatta Track is a daily route for many locals and pastoralists as well as travellers and it’s vital we continue to maintain and upgrade this key outback road to ensure accessibility.

“Too many times we’ve seen road users become stranded along the track following intense rain and these works will help vehicles and caravans avoid becoming bogged in a remote location.

“The upgrades will also save freight trucks from having to take a much longer route to their destination if the track is cut off.”

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