When to fill up your car this Easter

12 April, 2022

South Australia’s fuel prices have dipped to below $1.50 per litre at many outlets across the state, prompting RAA to encourage drivers to take advantage of the current prices as soon as possible before the Easter long weekend.

“Fuel prices in Adelaide look to be sitting at the lowest point of the cycle right now,” said RAA fuel expert Mark Borlace.

“A slight dip in wholesale prices and the recent fuel excise cut have also contributed to Adelaide’s petrol prices falling to levels we haven’t seen since the beginning of the year.

“We encourage motorists to shop around and take advantage of the current lows as soon as they have the chance.”

Mark also said that fuel price cycles have been unpredictable in recent times, so it was difficult to say how long the current trough would last.

“We can see we’re at the bottom of the cycle because many outlets are selling fuel for below the wholesale price, but it’s hard to know for how long that will continue.

“My advice would be to fill up as soon as you can.”

RAA fuel expert Mark Borlace

To see real-time fuel prices in your area, visit the myRAA app or website. RAA members can also save 4c per litre at EG Caltex Woolworths outlets across South Australia by showing their RAA membership card.

What’s all the talk about the fuel excise?

The fuel excise is a tax we pay when buying fuel to help the Government raise revenue to maintain our roads to a safe standard. Previously drivers paid 44.2 cents per litre in fuel excise, but when petrol prices were at record highs in March, the Federal Government cut the levy by 50% for a period of six months.

According to the AAA, the cut will cost the Government around $3 billion in potential funding for the road network.

“The fuel excise cut might help motorists’ hip pockets in the short-term, but it could lead to less being spent on making our roads safer at a time when we need to be spending more,” said Mark.

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