Winter is the worst season for pedestrian safety, RAA warns

16 June, 2022

RAA is warning road users be aware winter is the worst season for casualty crashes involving pedestrians.

More pedestrians are fined for breaking roads rules in winter as well, SAPOL figures show.

According to SA Government figures obtained by RAA, more pedestrians are hit by vehicles in winter than in any other season.

Minor and serious injuries involving pedestrians peak in winter on average, while this season is equal second worse for lives lost, government figures between 2016 and 2020 revealed.

In the past five years on average 1858 offences have been issued to pedestrians in winter, police records show.

This compares to an average 1535 offences on average for each of the other seasons in the same period.

Overwhelmingly, the most common pedestrian offence is crossing against a red light.

Police have issued 2420 cautions and 1204 fines worth $141,000 in total for this offence during the past five years.

RAA Senior Manager of Safety and Infrastructure Charles Mountain says the casualty and offending figures may seem surprising, given the nature of winter weather.

“We’d generally expect to see fewer pedestrians out and about due to the colder and wetter conditions.”

“So the fact that there are more collisions involving pedestrians in winter highlights why both motorists and pedestrians need to watch out for each other.’’

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