Working our way to Net Zero

18 July, 2023

Today RAA employees are going Low Carb(on) with an internal campaign prompting staff to consider reducing their carbon emissions for the day.  

As part of RAA’s goal to decarbonise, RAA is continuing to focus on big actions that will step RAA closer to this goal.  

However, the small, tangible things RAA’s staff do each day has as much of an impact as the larger actions. Staff are encouraged to minimise or swap their actions for more sustainable alternatives to reduce RAA’s carbon footprint. 

Simple commitments from staff includes taking a more sustainable commute to work in the form of public transport, carpooling, walking or riding. 

The handy RAA Go app continues to help staff and members identify the best transport options available from nearby public transport options, to e-scooters in the CBD.  

RAA’s Senior Manager of Safety and Infrastructure Charles Mountain said public transport should become more of a consideration for everyone in future.  

“Many rely on cars for the work commute – forgetting that public transport is a cost-effective and sustainable method of transportation,” Mr Mountain said. 

“With the high cost of fuel, taking the bus, train or tram may reduce your daily travel expenses as cost-of-living pressures continue, particularly if you have to pay for parking.  

“Public transport commuters can read a book or listen to music as a chance to wind down or prepare for the working day ahead.”  

Each trip can save several kilograms of CO2 emissions, just by swapping out a car journey for a public transport commute. A 15km commute generates around 3.0kg of CO2 in a medium sized vehicle for example. 

Beyond Low Carb(on) Day, RAA is continually creating new initiatives to help staff consider long-term sustainability in their everyday lives.