Young South Australians are travelling more than ever…

1 September, 2023

RAA Travel bookings have skyrocketed with South Australians aged 18 – 30, with research showing youth travellers account for 25 per cent or 190 million international trips per year. 

At RAA Travel, bookings have significantly increased by around 100 per cent for young South Australians, with flight bookings up by 290 per cent as more youth choose to study or work abroad.  

RAA Travel General Manager Gina Norman said there have never been more opportunities for young South Australians to experience new cultures.  

“Traditionally we think of younger travellers backpacking, partying and staying in hostels, but now we are seeing youth stay for longer trips, getting to know new people and cultures through study or work,” Ms Norman said.  

“For young South Aussies planning to travel, 80 per cent draw inspiration from TikTok or Instagram, with this generation preferring to experience real travel reviews from real people.  

“In the last 12 months at RAA Travel, we’ve seen a third of our youth travelling to Australia and New Zealand, 28 per cent to Europe and 24 per cent travelling to Asia including many going to Bali. 

“Safety can be a concern for youth travellers, and more so for their parents, which is why we’re seeing group tours becoming so popular, like those offered by Contiki Tours and Intrepid Travel.  

“We’ve seen an 827 per cent increase in bookings for Contiki Tours, allowing young South Aussies to connect with like-minded people.  

“Another popular option is cruises which serves as a great holiday for young people travelling as a group with lots of fun activities, shore excursions and nightlife.” 

Before heading overseas, RAA Travel advises youth travellers to do due diligence when researching their international trip.  

“Research the culture of where you are going and respect historical sights and religious views,” Ms Norman said.  

“Another thing is vaccinations, visas and travel insurance, and we recommend visiting Smart Traveller online to get to know different visa requirements.  

“Speak to your medical practitioner for any vaccinations you may require for your journey to be a safe one.  

“With all destinations, there’s many hidden pockets and activities that you may otherwise miss out on, which is why it is so helpful to see a travel agent who can recommend activities for every single part of your holiday.”  

Talk to your local RAA Travel expert to book your solo adventure, or book online at RAA Travel