You’re on camera – new technology to catch SA drivers on their phones

5 December, 2022

Distracted drivers who use their mobile phone behind the wheel will soon run the risk of being caught by new Mobile Phone Detection Cameras (MPDCs) in South Australia.

Legislation to introduce the high-tech cameras by the end of 2023 was passed through State Parliament this week, bringing SA in line with New South Wales and Queensland where the cameras are already in operation.

The cameras will be installed at either seven or eight locations – yet to be determined – across the state.

RAA Senior Manager Safety and Infrastructure Charles Mountain said distraction was the leading cause of death on SA roads.

“Distraction is consistently the most common contributing factor in fatal crashes, so initiatives such as this that discourage any form of driver distraction are welcome,” Charles said.

“It is so important that when we get behind the wheel that we are focused on what we are doing, aware of our environment and drive to keep ourselves and other road users safe.”

In the past four years, SAPOL data shows 30,354 fines were issued to drivers using their phones.

Mr Mountain said RAA also welcomes the announcement that all revenue raised from fines generated by the MPDCs will be sent to a road safety fund.

“Any money that is generated through any kind of infringements relating to traffic issues should go back into getting better road safety outcomes.”

“So this is another important part of the legislation.”

The new cameras are set to be operational by the end of 2023, followed by a three-month grace period where any drivers caught using their mobile will be sent educational material rather than fined.