What do we stand for

Lower cost of living

Easing cost-of-living pressures will help make South Australia a better place to live.

Transparent and cheaper fuel prices

  • Since the introduction of real-time fuel pricing in South Australia in early 2021, SA motorists have been able to compare prices to show them when and where they might buy cheaper fuel. 
  • This empowers motorists and an RAA survey (December 2023) showed the average perceived saving by using fuel price comparison websites or apps was $342 per year
  • RAA would like to see the scheme made permanent to help motorists save money at the bowser.   

Minimising transport cost increases

  • With transport crucial to everyday life, it is critical that transport costs are kept to a minimum to ensure it remains accessible and affordable to all South Australians.
  • The State Government collects revenue from motorists through registration fees, stamp duty on registration transfers, the Lifetime Support Scheme levy, fines, and the Emergency Services Levy on mobile property. 
  • RAA acknowledges the important infrastructure and services required to enable motoring and we believe it’s appropriate that government collect this revenue.
  • However, we believe that annual increases to motoring charges should be calculated based on an indexation factor that takes into account public sector wages growth and the Consumer Price Index. This method is both cost reflective for government and provides some protection from significant price increases from one year to the next.