What do we stand for

Safer communities

We want all South Australians to feel safe in their community.

Protecting you from fire and flood

  • The increasing rate of natural disasters has resulted in industry-wide insurance premium increases and is leaving a lasting financial and personal toll.
  • RAA is committed to working with communities, industry, and government to help reduce the impact of natural disasters on South Australians.
  • This requires a broad approach including infrastructure, such as levees, more rigorous land use planning decisions, and changes to planning and building codes.
  • RAA will continue to work with all levels of government, industry and other stakeholders to ensure insurance cover remains viable and affordable in the future.

Improving land use planning

  • RAA supports the development of a new 30-year plan for greater Adelaide to deliver sustainable long-term growth for Greater Adelaide and improve housing affordability.
  • There needs to be a long-term plan that supports Adelaide’s population growth needs while giving greater consideration of flood and fire-risk zones in new development planning.
  • Currently, many areas of land available and proposed for development are in high-risk areas for natural perils including bushfire and flood.