What do we stand for

Cleaner transport

Electrifying SA’s transport network is critical to achieving net zero emissions.

More fuel-efficient vehicles

  • RAA has long supported a fuel efficiency standard to incentivise car makers to supply more electric and fuel-efficient vehicles to our market to provide greater fuel savings to consumers and reduce carbon emissions.
  • RAA welcomes the Government’s announcement to finally introduce a standard in Australia.
  • We’re encouraging the Government to release the modelling it used to determine its preferred target so we can better understand the potential impacts on the vehicle market, including changes to vehicle cost and choice.

More EV chargers

  • RAA recognises electric and zero emissions mobility is the future here and around the world.
  • AA is partnering with the State Government to build RAA Charge – the state’s first border-to-border EV charging network – supporting the uptake of electric vehicles in South Australia.
  • Once complete in mid-2024, the RAA Charge Network will have 140 sites with more than 500 charging bays, with 75 per cent of those in the regions – helping end range anxiety.

Zero emissions public transport

  • Transport accounts for about 21 per cent of carbon emissions, and public transport is not an insignificant part of that.
  • RAA supports the Government’s announcement to develop a strategy to decarbonise the public transport system in South Australia.
  • RAA would like to see the strategy completed, released, and funding committed to start transitioning the entire public transport fleet to zero emissions.