What do we stand for

Energy efficient homes

Electrifying SA homes, and making them more efficient, will help to reduce emissions.

Solar on more SA homes

  • There is no incentive for landlords to install solar panels or battery storage on their rental properties because renters usually pay the electricity bill.
  • RAA supports a public-private partnership approach that makes solar PV and battery storage installations on rentals more appealing by:
    • Reducing or eliminating the need for capital outlay by the property owner. 
    • Providing access to cheap renewable electricity for the tenant. 
    • Introducing government subsidies to attract business investment.  
    • Allowing businesses to partially fund, install, maintain, and operate the solar PV and battery systems and sell the generated electricity to the tenant. 

Widespread uptake of Smart meters

  • RAA is working with industry and government to ensure South Australia’s future energy system is clean, reliable, and affordable. 
  • RAA advocates for accelerating smart meter adoption by removing upfront costs for necessary switchboard upgrades.
  • In addition, RAA believes the Government should:  
    • Support communities to electrify households through education and financial assistance  
    • Drive uptake of electric and zero emission vehicles and identifying network upgrades to accommodate charging demand  
    • Ensure low-income households, renters and those living in apartments can benefit from smart electric vehicle charging and rooftop solar.