What do we stand for

Convergence of home and mobility

New home and car technology can help bring down electricity bills – easing the cost of living.

Smarter home EV charging

  • RAA supports government action that addresses barriers to smart home EV charging, including measures to enable vehicle to the home (V2H) and vehicle to the grid (V2G). 
  • These technologies can help reduce household energy bills by using an EV’s battery to power the home or feed the grid. 

Creating EV ready homes

  • RAA supports updates to the National Construction Code so new homes, apartments and buildings have the necessary electricity infrastructure installed to support EV charging in the future. 
  • Reports estimate that installation of EV charging equipment is made three to four times less expensive when the back-end infrastructure is installed during initial construction rather than retrofitting buildings. 
  • RAA supported the changes to the National Construction Code in 2022 that ensures apartments, hotels and car park buildings are EV ready and supports current works underway to ensure homes have required infrastructure to support faster charging of an EV in a garage or carport.